Covert agent From India in Pakistan - RAVINDRA KAUSHIK's True Story


Ravindra Kaushik, also known as “Black Tiger,” was an Indian intelligence agent (covert agent) and spy who operated undercover in Pakistan. His story is intriguing and filled with courage and sacrifice.



Ravindra Kaushik was born on April 11, 1952, in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, India. He was an exceptional student and showed a talent for acting and languages. In 1975, during his college years, he was recruited by the Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), for espionage activities in Pakistan.

One of the most fascinating and distinctive aspects of Ravindra Kaushik's life was his remarkable espionage work as an undercover agent for India's intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). At the age of 23, he was recruited by RAW and underwent rigorous training to become a spy. What makes his story truly exceptional is the fact that he was sent to Pakistan, the country of his birth, to gather crucial intelligence for India.


After extensive training, Ravindra Kaushik adopted the cover name "Nabi Ahmed Shakir" and moved to Pakistan in 1979. He enrolled in a college in Karachi to pursue his higher education, while secretly gathering information and working for RAW. He effectively infiltrated Pakistani society and established strong connections, eventually becoming a trusted member of the Pakistan Army.

Ravindra Kaushik successfully infiltrated Pakistan's intelligence agencies and assumed the identity of Nabi Ahmed Shakir, a Muslim from Pakistan. He immersed himself in the Pakistani culture, learned the language, and built relationships with influential people. Over the years, he gained the trust of high-ranking officials and became an integral part of Pakistan's intelligence network.


Ravindra Kaushik's intelligence gathering and espionage activities proved highly valuable to India. He provided critical information on various aspects, including Pakistani military movements, plans, and developments. His contributions to Indian intelligence were considered significant. Kaushik's fluency in Urdu and his ability to blend into Pakistani society made him an ideal candidate for covert operations. He studied at Karachi University and later joined the Pakistan Army, where he rose through the ranks, ultimately becoming a commissioned officer.


However, in 1983, Ravindra Kaushik's cover was blown. He was arrested by government of Pakistan on charges of spying. After a secret trial, he was sentenced to death, which was later commuted to life imprisonment. He spent over 16 years in Pakistani prisons, enduring difficult conditions and facing immense challenges. Tragically, Ravindra Kaushik passed away in 2001 due to pulmonary tuberculosis. His death came as a result of the harsh conditions and lack of proper medical treatment during his incarceration.



Ravindra Kaushik's recruitment into the Indian intelligence agency RAW was initiated during his college years. After being identified as a potential agent, he underwent rigorous training in espionage techniques, language skills, and covert operations. His acting abilities and fluency in multiple languages, including Urdu, proved to be valuable assets for his undercover work. He was a brilliant and patriotic college student in Rajasthan when he caught the attention of RAW officials. They saw in him the potential to become an undercover agent due to his excellent command over Urdu and his ability to blend into Pakistani society. The training that followed was rigorous and comprehensive. Kaushik underwent intensive intelligence training, learning skills such as clandestine communication, surveillance, code-breaking, and disguise techniques. He also received specialized training in Pakistani customs, culture, and mannerisms to help him assimilate into the society he would be infiltrating.


In order to maintain his cover as Nabi Ahmed Shakir in Pakistan, Ravindra Kaushik went through a complete transformation. He embraced the Pakistani culture, converted to Islam, and immersed himself in the local community. He successfully concealed his true identity and won the trust of high-ranking officials in the Pakistan Army, which provided him access to valuable intelligence.


Ravindra Kaushik's life as a spy was filled with sacrifices and constant danger. He severed ties with his family and lived a solitary existence to ensure their safety. Being constantly under surveillance, he faced the risk of being exposed at any moment. Despite the hardships and isolation, he remained dedicated to his mission. Ravindra Kaushik's game plan as an intelligence agent remains a remarkable and tragic tale of courage, sacrifice, and loyalty. His dedication to serving his country in the face of extreme danger and the ultimate sacrifice he made for India's security has immortalized him as one of the most legendary spies in Indian history.



Ravindra Kaushik's activities as a spy had far-reaching implications for the Indo-Pak relations and intelligence dynamics between the two countries. His work provided critical insights into Pakistan's military plans and operations, giving India a significant advantage in strategic decision-making.


Ravindra Kaushik's contribution and sacrifice were acknowledged by the Indian government. In 2014, he was posthumously honored with the AshokChakra, India's highest peacetime gallantry award, for his exceptional courage and commitment to national security.

What makes Ravindra Kaushik's story even more remarkable is the fact that he operated undercover in Pakistan for almost a decade, from 1975 to 1983. During this time, he provided invaluable intelligence to India, which played a crucial role in safeguarding the country's security interests. His contributions were instrumental in thwarting numerous acts of terrorism and ensuring the safety of Indian citizens.


Ravindra Kaushik's life is a testament to the courage and dedication exhibited by intelligence operatives who operate in hostile territories. His story serves as an inspiration for individuals involved in covert operations and highlights the immense sacrifices made by those who work tirelessly to protect their countries.



Ravindra Kaushik's story exemplifies bravery and sacrifice in service to his country. His contribution as an Indian intelligence agent and his endurance in hostile territory have earned him respect and admiration. He remains a symbol of dedication and patriotism within the Indian intelligence community.


It is important to note that the details of Ravindra Kaushik's life and activities are often based on accounts and reports, and some specifics may be subject to interpretation or variation. The Pictures are for reference only and does not have any resemblance to the actual person, things or facts, either living or dead.

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